AFSP 007 – Week 5: Scheduling Woes

Not all weeks are created equal. During week 5, I flew 1 full flight and 1 very short flight. Out of the last 10 available days, I few 3.  Sometimes you lose the scheduling battle and this week I certainly lost.  Hopefully I will fair better next week.

No show notes for this week but I have included a picture of my pattern work.  You will see two shorter downwind legs – those were simulated engine failures.  You can also see where I was distracted during my touch-n-go takeoff and flew a crooked crosswind (ATC cleared me for the option as I was climbing off the runway and I had to ask them to repeat since I was confused about being cleared so early).  I almost busted the Bravo airspace on that one!  There’s also one pattern where I was asked to side-step to 12R instead of 12L.

Pattern Work