AFSP 014 – Week 12: Instrument Rating Check Ride – Oral

The time has finally come – your instrument rating check ride.  You’re nervous our out of control, you’ve got that empty feeling in your stomach, and you’re trying not to let any knowledge ooze out your ears before you have to vomit it all out in your oral.  It’s a terrible feeling and it’s there because we all have so much riding on this exam.  We don’t want to spend the hundreds of dollars on this check ride and fail, do we?  Well, coming from a guy who did, you don’t.  Trust me.  So, the question remains, how do I pass my instrument rating oral?  Listen in to this week’s episode and I’ll discuss the tools I used to pass my instrument rating oral.

IFR Know All Handout:

IFR Quick-Review Sheets

Instrument ACS