AFSP 031: What’s in Ginger Dan’s Flight Bag?

Are you a pilot?  If you are, then you have a flight bag with a variety of items inside.  Have you ever wondered what other people bring on their flights?  Today, I will reveal what I bring on all of my general aviation flights.  Here is a list of items in my flight bag:

This is my flight bag:






In the top section: Flashlight, Sunglasses, Beanie, Gloves, Meds/Personal Items, Foggles, Sectionals, E6B, Plotter, and a Fuel Stick.






In the main section:  iPad, Battery Backup, Multi-Tool, Knife, Headphones, Logbook.
Not pictured:  Wallet, Passport, Pilot Certificates, Medical, Extra Pens/Pencils, Gum, Car Keys, Plastic Spoon/Fork.







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