AFSP Bonus Episode 003 – Passing your IFR Written Exam

The IFR Written exam is said to be the most difficult written exam from PPL through CFI.  Mainly, people note the extensive bank of questions as the reason – nearly 1200.  But wait, don’t give up now!  There’s a way through this mess and it’s called Flight Test 5 from Sheppard Air.  If you are okay with using a tool that helps you memorize the correct answers to the test questions, than this app is all you need to pass the exam.  No, seriously, if you do nothing but use this app you can pass the IFR and CFII written exams.  The CFII exam is based off the same bank of questions as the IFR exam.  So, check out the episode, download the app (links below) and pass your IFR written!

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Android – Boo, no Android app.