AFSP 024: Single Engine Commercial Add-on

Hello everyone and welcome to episode 24!  Today, I discuss with you the single engine commercial add-on!  I introduce you to the five new maneuvers you’ll learn during this final phase of flight training.  We’ll also talk briefly of the future of myself and this podcast.  Come on in and listen!

AFSP 023: Updates on my progress and new recommendations for Accelerated flight schools

Hello everyone!  It’s been a little while but for good reason.  I’m back with episode 23 and I think you’ll like it.  I talk about my current progress in my accelerated program in this episode.  I also have an updated opinion about accelerated flight schools that I feel you will find interesting.  This is especially true if you are considering an accelerated program and have commitments outside of school such as a family or a job.  Initially, I said it’s possible but lately, I am feeling that it may not be.  Listen in!

AFSP 022: I answer a lot of questions!

Can I work and attend an accelerated flight school? What if I don’t work? Do accelerated flight schools really teach their students and are they prepared for checkrides? I also answer listener mail and speak about the state of DPEs. It’s a long episode so grab a drink, hunker down, and enjoy!

AFSP 021: Commercial training, pressures from above, what to do after commercial, and listener mail!

Blackjack!  Episode 21 is a winner!  Come in and listen as I talk about what’s going on in my flight school training.  I talk about Commercial flying, what to do after you are a commercial pilot, and the kinds of pressures you’ll see as an accelerated flight school student.  Also, Listener Mail!!!

AFSP 020: Multi-Engine Add-on Check Ride and Listener Mail


Episode 20 is here and we’re talking Private Multi-Engine Add-on Check Ride!  Listen in to this one because I lay down some sound advice for anyone taking a check ride.  I talk about what to expect in a multi add-on oral and practical and you’ll find out if I passed!  I talk about what’s coming up in my training and I answer some listener mail.  This episode is longer than normal but I felt it was worth it to answer your questions.  Please feel free to use any of the links below to send me your questions and/or comments.  Have a great week!

AFSP 019: Multi-Engine Add-on Flights

Hello and welcome to episode 19!  Today we talk about the Private Multi-Engine Add-On.  Last week we covered the SIM portion of training, so this week we’ll cover the actual flights.  Basically, you’ll be replicating what you did in the SIM but in the actual aircraft this time.  Folks, these twin engine aircraft are a BLAST to fly.  It’s just downright awesome.  There’s a LOT more work involved, but the flying itself is just great.  People say, “You’ve upgraded to a big boy plane,” and it certainly feels that way.  Flying multi-engine aircraft is tons of fun!

AFSP Bonus Episode 004 – Listener Mail

On today’s bonus episode, we answer listener mail!  I had a technical error with my email and a couple of questions went unanswered for a while.  I take time to answer those questions including one from over 8000 miles away!  Awesome!  If you have any questions of your own, please feel free to contact me via one of the links below.  Enjoy the show!

AFSP 018: Multi-Engine Add-on SIMs

We’ve arrived at the Multi-Engine training portion of flight school!  In this week’s episode, we discuss what to expect during the first week of your multi-engine add-on which basically consists of SIMs and ground schools.  There’s not a lot to discuss here, but you know that I can talk for hours about nothing.   My first week of Multi-Engine training consisted of SIMs only.  I got sick half-way through the week so I didn’t get to fly until the nest week.

AFSP 017: Crew Cross Country

This may be the most fun you have during your time in the accelerated flight school program – the Crew Cross Country!  Together with another student – that’s right, no CFI – you’ll fly your way across the country!  Well, maybe not ACROSS the country, but you’ll fly to new, exciting places.  And during this time, you won’t have an instructor to rely on.  You’ll rely on your training.  There will be frustrating times and there will be awesome times.  You may love your crew partner or you may not.  There are a lot of variables but in the end you’ll have a great time!

Crew Cross Country Flights

AFSP 016: The Instrument Rating Check Ride – Practical (Second Attempt)

So, I bombed my first Instrument Rating Practical Check Ride but I passed my second time around.  What were the differences and why did I pass on the second attempt?  I discuss a successful check ride with you in Episode 16 and how you can apply my failures to make your first attempt successful.  Hooray!